CITES Team Member Receives High Recognition at ACM-F

Chenega IT Enterprise Services (CITES) is grateful each and every day for the hard-working and committed employees that it has on its team. One team, in particular, the Army Capability Manager (ACM) team, has continued to “wow” customers and has earned some high praise. Recently, Jonny Culpepper received some kudos from the customer, while CITES was praised as a whole by Scott Martin, CITES Military Intelligence (MI) Communications Subject Matter Expert.

You can read about these two star employees here: CITES Highlights ACM Team for High Praise

As if this wasn’t enough to make CITES proud, Sean Ballantine, a member of the ACM-Foundation (ACM-F) team, has been working diligently and receiving high recognition for it. Sean, CITES Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence Automated Reporting and Collection System (CHARCS) Automation Support Expert, had a customer write in praising his work ethic and attitude.

“Sean’s dedication and determination in collaborating with the Director of Doctrine Intelligence Systems Training (DDIST) and former Warrant Officer colleagues, coupled with his attitude and persistence, were key attributes that allowed this spirit of cooperation and collaboration to happen.” – said the customer.

Sean is currently assisting DDIST in developing a Training Support Plan (TSP) which will be packaged along with the ACM-F developed user Administrative Guide and loaded on the CHARCS desktop for user’s direct access. He is responsible for ensuring the TSP is easy to access and user-friendly.

Sean has been with Chenega since September 2019 and is proud of his work at ACM-F because it allows him to continue working with the soldiers that he previously served with and plays a part in future requirements that will better enable them to accomplish their mission. In his off time, Sean enjoys going home and relaxing on the couch, watching trivia shows with his wife. He hopes to one day have the opportunity to travel to Europe with his wife.

Thank you so much for all that you do, Sean! We so appreciate the immensely positive impact you have on CITES and the ACM-F contract.