Spotlight on CTI: Customs and Border Protection, ILD Support (Part 1 of 4)

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Integrated Logistics Division (ILD) Support Contract is a long-running contract to support CBP by providing equipment logistics and equipment repair services to CBP Ports (Office of Field Operations (OFO)), including Ports of Entry and mail ports, and to field offices (Office of Border Patrol (OBP)). This contract has been held under multiple Chenega companies. It is a very experienced team made up of valued employees whose collective experience on the contract averages 10+ years.

The contract began as the National Prime Integrated Contract (NPIC), awarded to Chenega Technology Service Corporation (CTSC) on September 10, 2003. It was a base plus nine, one-year options. Based on CTSC taking on additional requirements, the contract reached the ceiling prior to 2013. The Government executed two Bridge contracts in 2012 and 2013 until the award of today’s CBP ILD Support Contract was given to Chenega Technical Innovations (CTI) on 9/25/2014.

From a mission perspective, the CBP ILD Support staff operates as a very tightly integrated team. The team is defined internally by region and functional groups. The regions are Albuquerque, NM and Lorton, VA (including the Springfield, VA Maintenance Dispatch Center (MDC)).

The staff in each group also work as a tight-knit part of an integrated team at their facility, and for the contract team as a whole.

Logistics – The logistics function handles the requests for services that come from our customers through administrative channels. These include such things as acquiring vendor quotes and scheduling maintenance services at CBP field locations and generally maintaining the relationship with our vendor contractors.

MDC – The MDC is a morning-to-night (and eventually 24/7) call center for receiving maintenance needs calls from the field. MDC often receives the more urgent need requests, such as when a CBP truck has been in an accident and is therefore unavailable to support the mission.

Warehouse – The warehouse function controls the intake and distribution of equipment and related consumable supplies to the CBP Ports and field offices. Warehouses for this purpose are operated in both Lorton, VA and in Albuquerque, NM.

Maintenance  – Maintenance technicians repair inoperative equipment sent in by the field offices or Ports, or arrange for it to be repaired if it is OEM equipment. Maintenance may determine the repairs needed, and they prepare discontinued equipment for decommissioning/disposal.

Analysis – In Lorton, Log Analysts Failure Code work orders and produce trend analyses. Deliverable reports and metrics reporting are generated by the analysts at both sites. In Albuquerque, analysts perform financial tracking in concert with Mission Support. Analysts in Lorton are also charged with the preventive maintenance tasks and calibration of the equipment going to OFO and OBP, which is vital for prosecution purposes. After all, CBP is a law enforcement agency.

Mission Support and Contract Administration – Mission Support and Contract Administration functions are run out of Lorton, VA. Mission Support is the customer-facing administrative task and task management function of the contract while Contract Administration maintains the customer relationship, is responsible for contract deliverables, and represents the CBP ILD Support team within CTI.

CTI’s Customs and Border Protection, Integrated Logistics Division Support: Serving our nation’s interest since 2003.

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