Spotlight on CTI: CBP

Spotlight on CTI: CBP, ILDS (Part 4 of 4), Mission Support and Contract Administration

Mission Support and Contract Administration functions are run out of Lorton, VA. Mission Support is the customer-facing administrative task and task management function of the contract while Contract Administration maintains the customer relationship. Contract Administration is responsible for contract deliverables and represents the CBP ILDS team within CTI.

Mission Support

The Mission Support group of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Integrated Logistics Division (ILD) support contract is the ”right arm” to the Program Manager and the management team.

Mission Support handles the tasks that enable the ILD support teams to perform their function. Some of the Mission Support tasks are:

    >> New Hires: Mission Support processing the forms, access requirements, and equipment requirements (and interfacing with CBP IT) to enable new hires to be supplied with the tools they need to hit the ground running from day 1. They manage to secure this equipment and shepherd it to the manager or supervisor who will deploy it. From there Mission Support ensures it can be tracked in Asset Management.

    >> Reporting: Mission Support creates many of the contract’s receivables and manages much of the internal communication that keeps Chenega Technical Innovations (CTI) running smoothly on the contract.

    >> Mission Management: Mission support has taken on the responsibility of a single point gatekeeper of work that is divided up between staff during the pandemic teleworking. Mission Control supplies the organization and record-keeping to deliver consolidated and detailed information to our government counterparts and customers.

    >> Financials: Mission support manages the financial information related to executing the contract. Mission support is a face to the customer as they have a good deal of data available at their fingertips.

    >> Knowledge: The Mission Support team leadership has been serving the customer in a similar capacity for about 15 years, so they have the ability to supply the historical view and background behind most of the decisions that drove today’s policies and procedures.

    >> Customer Service: The Mission Support group also provides the interface with the customer for business-level matters and assists the government with ad hoc tasks like Maximo data input.

Contract Administration

Contract Administration is the responsibility of the Program Manager.

They interface with the customer on contract matters such as scope, acceptance of ILD requests, obtaining authorizations to proceed, etc. They make sure the contract is administered properly and the work is being done on time. The Program Manager acts as the liaison between the contract demands and ad hoc requests of ILD and those of CTI; protecting CTI’s interest from a contract execution perspective.

The contract manager has direct responsibility for the management team and ultimately, for the entire contract team to ensure that there are no errors due to misunderstandings among the integrated parties and teams; and to ensure protocols are followed.

As this series on ILD Support comes to an end, we at Chenega MIOS would like to extend our gratitude to Chenega Technical Innovations and the ILD Support team and their efforts to facilitate the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) mission; Securing America’s Borders, Securing and Expediting the Movement of People, and Securing and Expediting the Movement of Goods. Thank you for all of the work you do to ensure our borders are safe!

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